National Union submission to Federal Budget 2021 consultation

NUPGE, the National Union representing almost 400,000 union members working to deliver public services of every kind to the citizens of their home provinces -- including HSA members, has submitted a consultation paper as part of the federal government's 2021 budget consultation.

The pandemic has caused immense devastation and hardship in Canada and worldwide. The federal government has an important role to play in preventing further tragedy and in ensuring that nobody is left behind.

The submission focuses on learning the lessons from this pandemicm which has shown that it is possible for governments to mobilize the resources, and inject the necessary funds, to address a crisis. This shows that it is also possible to address the other pressing crises in Canada—systemic racism, climate change, gender-based violence, precarious work, lack of access to affordable housing, and income and wealth inequality.

See the National Union's full budget submission here.