This Municipal Election... Elect a Public Health Care Defender!

Municipal elections will be held across the province on November 15.

The BC Health Coalition is calling on all municipal candidates to declare themselves public health care defenders!

Take action now and download the BCHC Candidate Pledge to give to your local candidates, either in person, by e-mail or by fax. If they return it to the BCHC by October 31, 2008 they will be included in the BC Health Coalitions list of public health care defenders. Click here for a list of candidates who have taken the pledge to date.

The BC Health Coalition believes that municipal governments play an important role in protecting public health services in their communities, from lobbying for new hospitals or health care facilities that are publicly financed and administered, to using their authority over zoning to promote the development of public, not-for-profit facilities.

Public health care supporters are encouraged to raise questions and demand action from candidates during the current municipal elections. For more information, download the BCHC municipal election resources here.

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