Message from Val Avery, President: Update on HSA's work on premium pay, and safety of members working in COVID-19

I know that all of you are working tirelessly at jobs that have changed dramatically over the course of just a few weeks.

As front line health care workers, you have the additional stresses of worrying about your personal health and safety, being separated from family, and not knowing where you may be redeployed to work.

We have heard you. HSA is working 24/7 to support you. Whether it’s making sure you have access to adequate PPE in a time of global demand, supporting your right to refuse unsafe work, or making sure your collective agreement rights are protected even when the whole system is in turmoil.

We’re also working hard to make sure the work you do on the front lines is respected, and you are afforded the recognition of the vital role you play on the health care team.

We have been and will continue to be in close contact and intense discussion with the Ministry of Health to advocate for some acknowledgement of the stress and anxiety you are working under and the impact on your personal lives.

I know it is going to take the whole health care team to get through this crisis, and beyond. And we know the Minister of Health is listening to your messages. Keep sending them.

Thank you for your commitment. We’re working hard to make sure you get the recognition and support you need to get the people of BC through this pandemic.

Thank you. Stay safe, and stay well.

And if you have an urgent question or issue, contact the COVID-19 hotline at


Val Avery,