MEMORANDUM: Agreement with HEABC re on-call and call-back provisions during a strike

To: HSA Chief Stewards

Re: Agreement with HEABC re on-call and call-back provisions during a strike

HSA and the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association reached agreement with HEABC last night at the Labour Relations Board, to resolve ongoing disputes regarding on-call and call-back pay during the provision of essential services. Resolution of these disputes was necessary in order to complete essential services designations.

The agreement reached with HEABC is attached to this memo. Please read the agreement carefully, and ensure all HSA stewards and members are advised of its terms. It is understood that this agreement also applies to any essential services designations which may contain the term "available". Available means on-call. Members can access the agreement via the link at the bottom of this page.

During a strike, the agreement modifies pay for call-backs during time periods where, if not for a strike, normal shifts would be in place (e.g., Monday-Friday days). These call-backs will be paid a minimum of 2 hours at straight time, with additional pay in some circumstances, as listed in the agreement.

During time periods where there would normally not be scheduled shifts (e.g., evenings, nights, weekends, statutory holidays), on-call and call-back is to be paid in the usual fashion, as provided in the collective agreement.

The on-call premium is to be paid for all on-call regardless of normal shift patterns. This is a change from a previous arbitration decision, which stated on-call premiums were not applicable during a strike.

Memorandum of Agreement re On-Call and Call-Back for Essential Services Purposes (PDF file - Adobe Acrobat required)