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Fall 2012 Basic Steward Training

Stewards play a vital role in the union.  Particularly important is the stewards role in contract interpretation, organizing and the grievance procedure.  In recognition of the need for educating new stewards in these areas, HSA is offering a 3-day Basic Steward Training workshop at the HSA office this fall:

Dates:  November 5, 6, 7, 2012
Location: HSA Office, 300 ... 5118 Joyce Street, Vancouver

The focus of this training session is for new, inexperienced HSA chief, assistant or general stewards who have received no previous training from HSA.  Enrolment is limited, so experienced stewards or safety stewards who have attended previous workshops may only attend if there is space in the workshop.

The workshop will familiarize new stewards with the structure of HSA and promote skills to enable stewards to function confidently in their role.  Workshop content includes:

• how HSA works as a union
• role of the steward
• advocacy skills
• leadership skills
• contract interpretation
• grievance handling

Deadline for Registration:  Monday, October 15, 2012

On-line registration is now available for this workshop.  To register, go to the HSA website at and log in, select Member Services, then Event Registration from the drop-down menu.

Please note you need to log in to register for this workshop and you will need to know your HSA member ID number (found on the mailing label of your HSA Report or call the HSA office.)  If you have never logged into the HSA website instructions are provided on the log in page.

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