It's time to reinvest in communities for the common good

NUPGE releases new leaflet on renewing community-based social services

Ottawa (20 March 2008) - The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has released a new leaflet calling for a re-investment in our communities. It is called,
No way to show we care: Renewed funding for community-based social services.

Year after year, as governments relentlessly cut social service budgets, a crisis mounts. Costs are increasing and so is the need for these community-based services: adult mental health, children's treatment, group homes, developmental services and women's centres, shelters and support. But the funding is not there.

The root of the problem of issues like service delivery, waiting lists, and the recruitment and retention of workers is plain and simple ... a lack of funding. Cutbacks to social services by the federal government have left the provinces to pick up the slack.

Provinces are either unwilling or unable to maintain adequate funding. In some cases provinces have downloaded part or all of the responsibility to municipalities. This passing the buck has failed to maintain a vital component of community health and well-being.

With the release of this leaflet, NUPGE renews it's call for a re-investment in social services across Canada and an accountability framework that ensures federal and provincial sharing of these responsibilities.