Inside PEARS - Volume 5, Issue 1 : Winter 2009

Presented by The Occupational Health & Safety Agency for Healthcare in BC

Inside PEARS is a quarterly e-newsletter intended to keep you informed on what is happening in the PEARS community. This newsletter is a forum for sharing success stories and best practices, and for learning about new research and issues impacting PEARS programs across the province.

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In This Issue...

The PEARS Community

  • PEARS hosts 5th Annual Provincial Meeting
  • Changes in Disability Prevention at OHSAH: A New Director
  • Preventing Needless Disability: Frist Canadian Summit held in Vancouver

Around the Globe

Effectiveness of psychological return-to-work interventions in addressing the multi-causality of work disability

The "P" in PEARS

Identifying Workplace Risk Factors of MSI in Healthcare Workers: PEARS Workplace Assessments

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