Information meetings begin this week on FHA consolidated seniority lists; HSA members encouraged to attend

In the last round of HSPBA collective bargaining, the HSPBA and HEABC agreed to a memorandum to allow consolidation of seniority lists across all health authorities.
Please take a few moments to review the memorandum that was signed ... you can find it on the HSA website, under [Collective Agreements / Health Science Professionals / Provisions of the Collective Agreement / MOU ... Seniority Consolidation and Merger of Certifications.]
Over the coming weeks Fraser Health Authority has organized Town Hall meetings at all FHA certifications for your Employer to share information about how the merger of seniority lists will affect employees of Fraser Health Authority, as well as to give all HSA members the opportunity to ask questions.

HSA strongly encourages members to attend a Town Hall meeting.  If you are unable to attend at your own worksite feel free to attend one of the other listed meeting times/locations.

Local HSA steward support will be available at all of the meetings and in the event there are unusual circumstances or seniority questions that your Employer is unable to clarify for you in the meeting, please set up a time to discuss your specific issue with your steward.

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Schedule of FHA townhall meetings