HSPBA / HEABC Recruitment and Retention Committee begins work


During the last round of HSPBA/HEABC collective bargaining, the parties agreed to create a joint union/employer committee to identify and address recruitment and retention challenges in health science professions that are experiencing shortages, or other recruitment and retention issues.

At its first meeting on June 13, 2014, the Committee agreed on a process to collect and share the data required to identify which health science professions and regions are currently experiencing the most acute shortages, or other significant recruitment and retention issues.

The Committee also had a preliminary discussion of some of the methods that may help address shortages, or recruitment and retention problems. Once the Committee determines which health science professions or regions are experiencing the most serious shortages or recruitment and retention issues, they will consider which measure(s) to promote as the means to address these issues.

Committee representatives will be contacting their respective members for input, to ensure that data on shortages and recruitment and retention issues are considered from all areas of the province, all health care settings and a wide range of health science professions. Members will also be asked to suggest ways to address shortages and problems with recruitment and retention of health science professionals.