End the raid: Revoke your UPN or BCNU membership card today

Registered psychiatric nurses represented by HSA have a lot of questions about pressure tactics currently employed by the BC Nurses Union and the Union of Psychiatric Nurses. Both BCNU and UPN have recently pressured members already represented by HSA, and we've been getting questions about whether it's possible to cancel these memberships.

The deadline is now

Depending on exactly when UPN applies to the Labour Relations Board to raid HSA RPNs, the deadline might be as early as 3:00 pm on Thursday, November 28. Or it might be as late as 3:00 pm on Friday, November 29.

Don't take any chances. Get your revocation letter in today. Click the links below to download then email or fax it.

And if you don't find out about this until after the Thursday deadline -- please send it in anyway in case the deadline has been extended to Friday at 3:00.

Use one of these two forms to revoke your membership in UPN or BCNU and stick with HSA.

Please be sure to send a copy of the letter to the Labour Relations Board and the raiding union. Contact information for each is included in the letter. Please also email or fax a copy to HSA.

I want to stay with HSA. Can I cancel my membership in BCNU or UPN?

The Labour Relations Board is very clear about this. To cancel your membership, you must deliver a signed, written letter of revocation to both the raiding union and the Labour Relations Board. The letter must specifically say you want to revoke or cancel your membership. The letter of revocation must be dated and show the proper name of the union including the union local's number. Also include the name of your employer. To make this easier, we've posted revocation letters for you to complete below.

If you mail, courier or hand-deliver a revocation letter, it must be received before offices close on any specified deadlines. If you fax the revocation letter, it must be received by the fax machine before midnight of that day.

The union organizer was coming to the ward all the time and it was just easier to sign the card. It doesn't matter anyway since there has to be a vote to change unions.

A raiding union needs at least 50 per cent of the RPNs in your workplace to sign one of their membership cards to force a vote to move you into their union. Even though the organizers say it doesn't matter, if you sign a membership card in the BCNU or UPN just to get them off your back, you are giving them the go-ahead to continue. The attempt to move you out of HSA can be defeated if the raiding union fails to get enough signed membership cards.