HSA Political Action Fund support available for election campaign training

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Members may apply for Political Action Fund support to attend political action training which is:

  • non-partisan; or
  • offered by labour organizations with which HSA is affiliated; or
  • offered by political parties that meet all of HSA’s 5 criteria, by demonstrating support for the following:

        i)          a positive role for the public sector;
        ii)         the principles of the Canada Health Act;
        iii)         free collective bargaining for public sector employees;
        iv)        progressive occupational health and safety legislation and
        v)         progressive human rights.
Members may apply for HSA Political Action Fund support to attend the following election campaign workshops:
1.       Women’s Campaign School, June 10 - 12 in Victoria
Are you thinking of running for elected office? Are you planning on working on a campaign? If so, come to Women’s Campaign School at the BC Legislature in Victoria!

The Women’s Campaign School (WCS) is the longest-running campaign school of its kind in Canada. Speakers are veteran elected officials and campaign organizers from all parties, coming together at this non-partisan event to share practical skills and first-hand experiences working in our political system. Over 500 women have benefited from participating in Women’s Campaign School since 1999. Participants will learn how to run an electoral campaign from start to finish.

  • Opening Reception Friday, June 10 from 7 pm -8:30 pm
  • All day sessions Saturday, June 11 from 9 pm – 5 pm
  • Morning sessions Sunday, June 12 from 9 pm -1 pm

 More information & registration here.
2.       BCNDP’s Forward: Modern Campaign Tactics for 2017, June 24 - 26 in Kamloops
            Friday, June 24th 6:30 pm to Sunday, June 26th 1:00 pm
            Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC
Whatever your past campaign experience or wherever you see yourself in the next campaign, Forward 2016 will feature sessions and keynote speakers that will boost your campaign game and improve your leadership skills.  Workshops will focus on the latest in running an effective ground game, campaign technology, communications and fundraising.
More information about this workshop here.

Registration here.
Political Action Fund support is available to attend these workshops.
Members may apply for Political Action Fund support to cover wage replacement for scheduled shifts that will be missed to attend either of these training sessions (banked time will not be provided).  Members may also apply for the usual expenses that HSA covers for training, including tuition/registration fee, transportation, accommodation, meals not provided at the event, and additional dependent care required in order to attend the training.
The application form to apply for HSA Political Action Fund support is available here.

Form fillable version of the application is available here.

Completed applications should be e-mailed to HSA Communications Officer, Carol Riviere at
For further information, please contact Carol at 604.517.0994 or 1.800.663.2017.