HSA members return Agnes Jackman as Region 4 Director

Agnes Jackman, a physiotherapist at George Pearson Rehabilitation Centre, has been acclaimed as the Region 4 representative on the HSA Board of Directors after the February 7th deadline passed with no further nominations.

Agnes has been an HSA member since 1973, when she started working as a physical therapist at Vancouver General Hospital. She was active in her professional association from 1977 to 1992 and has served as a union steward at the George Pearson Centre since the late 1990s. 

Prior to her election as Regional Director in 2004, Agnes served as a Member-at-Large for Region 4.  As Regional Director, she currently serves on HSAs Run for the Cure Committee and as chair of the Committee for Equality and Social Action.

Agnes will begin her next two-year term at the conclusion of HSAs 2008 annual convention.

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