HSA elects new union president at 36th annual convention

Reid Johnson, HSA President

Delegates to the 36th annual convention of Health Sciences Association of BC (HSA) have elected Reid Johnson as the new president of the union that represents 15,000 health care professionals who work in hospitals and communities around the province.

Johnson, a social worker who works at the Centre for Ability, said the most important priority for HSA is to address the growing crisis of the labour shortage in BCs health care system.

-Without action today to address the training deficit in the province, British Columbians wont have access to the health science professionals they need for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the health care system," said Johnson.

-This has to be a priority for HSA, and every individual and organization involved in health care ... from the people who work in the system to our elected officials who have been entrusted to manage and support our health care system."

In addition, he said, the union needs to stand up for public health care.

-The fight to maintain, enhance and improve public health care in this country is going into a very difficult time. We need to represent not only our members but our communities in that fight," he said.

Johnson has been a member of the HSA board of directors beginning in 1997, and has served as the unions secretary-treasurer, overseeing HSA finances and assisting in developing multi-million dollar annual budgets.

Johnson lives in Vancouver with his wife Aloha and their four children.


Information: Rebecca Maurer (604) 970-8196, or Miriam Sobrino (604) 328-2886

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