HSA celebrates Community Social Services Month

To celebrate Community Social Services Month in BC, unions representing workers in the community social services sector have developed a poster, leaflet, and website.

These materials highlight the importance of the wide spectrum of crucial services provided by our members ... services for women, youths at risk, infants and children, as well as advocacy, rehabilitation, support and counselling services for the community. The website can be viewed at

HSA President Reid Johnson emphasized the importance of community social services to the health and wellness of British Columbians. -HSA members know that community social services are critical to supporting some of the most vulnerable people in BC," he said. -But in addition to their intrinsic value, community social services also help to prevent rising acute health costs. For example, a child with autism who is diagnosed early and who receives adequate support and behavioural intervention has an excellent chance at a happy life, contributing to society. The provincial governments recent cuts to these and other services are short-sighted, and will end up costing the province in the long run," Johnson added.

Starting this week, celebratory posters and leaflets will be available through your chief steward. Please distribute them in your communities to raise awareness of the importance of your work. In past years, community social services workers have successfully distributed posters at various community locations, such as libraries, community centres, co-ops, and community bulletin boards.

Walk for Community Social Services in Victoria:  Saturday, March 26
Members on the island are invited to participate in the -Walk for Community Social Services" planned for Victoria on March 26. Participants will gather at Centennial Square at 11am. More details will be announced later this month.

For information: Yukie Kurahashi, 604.439.0994 (x526) or 1.800/662.3017 (x526)

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