Horns blare support for striking workers

Campbell River Courier-Islander

Car horns were blaring on Dogwood Street on Monday, not because of the traffic lights but in support for the community social services workers who staged a one day walk out and picket line at Dogwood and 3rd Avenue.
Cherie Dobbie, Chair of the local BC Government Employees Union said that community social services workers such as speech and occupational therapists, semi independent living support workers, infant development workers and children's support workers are the lowest paid in the entire public sector.
"Wages have actually gone down in the last 10 years," she said. "There have been no cost of living raises, even though the cost of living has increased 18.1 per cent. Nothing. The starting wage for a residential care worker in 2002 was $16.83 an hour. Now it is $15.54 an hour."
Dobbie said that workers need the respect and compensation that reflects their contribution to society.
"It is about money at this point," she said.
There will be a series of walkouts and picket lines by non-essential staff all week running from Campbell River south, ending in Victoria on Friday.