Get ready for the provincial election


The outcome of the May 2017 provincial election will have a huge impact on HSA members, and the patients and clients we serve.

"HSA is a non-partisan union, and proudly so," says HSA President Val Avery.

"But that doesn't mean we won't warn our members –or the public – about dangerous, short-sighted policies proposed by governments of any stripe."

That's why HSA members may apply for support from HSA's Political Action Fund to work on election campaigns, attend election campaign training, or even run for political office.

The funding can only be used if the member running for office – or the candidate with whom the member is working – can demonstrate support for all five of the following criteria, as set by HSA members:

  • A positive role for the public sector;
  • The principles set out in the Canada Health Act;
  • Free collective bargaining for public sector employees;
  • Progressive occupational health and safety legislation; and
  • Progressive human rights.

Members may apply for paid time off work to run or work on campaigns, as a single 30 day block, or for several shorter periods totalling up to 30 days. Campaign work is already starting in many areas, and members may apply for support to start participating in this work at any time.

Members may also apply for paid time off work and expenses to attend approved election campaign training.

"In these times of austerity we must be prepared to stand up for public health care," says Avery. "Who better that us, who witness the struggles of our patients and clients as the systems we work for fail to meet their needs.

"There's an election coming, here in BC. And we will be watching very, very carefully."

Political Action Fund applications are posted on the HSA website. For more information, contact Carol Riviere at @email.