The Federal Election: Vote Public Health Care

Dear Friend of Medicare,

Health care is a top-of-mind issue for all Canadians. Polls show that we want our universal public health care system Medicare - to be strengthened and protected, not privatized.

The upcoming federal election is a great opportunity to bring our issues to the attention of candidates throughout the province.

Do you want to connect with others in your community and help out with sign campaigns, all candidates' meetings, or other community activities to raise the profile of public health care?

We can help!

With several close election races in B.C., we're working to make sure voters know where their candidates stand on public health care.

BC Health Coalition Vote Public Health Care campaign resources are great tools for your work to make support for Medicare a vote determining issue for candidates running in BC.

Promote the issues!

If we can use the election to secure candidates commitments to address our key health care issues, it will be much easier to get them to keep these promises after an election.

Now is the time to advance our issues such as supporting Medicare by enforcing the Canada Health Act, developing national legislation to address the needs of seniors and people with disabilities, and working on a national drug plan that will allow Canadians to access drugs more fairly and economically.

We need to show candidates that British Columbians value public health care and we want to know what they will do to strengthen and protect it.

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