Fall 2009 Pension Seminars for Municipal Pension Plan Members

The municipal Pension Plan continues to offer pension seminars to plan members.

Plan members have a choice of two seminars.  Your Pension, Your Future is for new and mid-career plan members. In this seminar, they'll explain pension benefits and help members understand how decisions they make today can impact their future pension income. Members will learn how to read their Member's Benefit Statement and find out how they can recover time from a break in service (such as general, maternity and parental leaves) to make the most of their future pension.

Thinking About Retiring is designed for members within five years of retirement. In this seminar, they'll talk about choosing the best pension option and what to consider when determining retirement income. They'll also clarify the retirement process and help members track what needs to be done before they retire.

In both seminars, they will discuss online resources available to help members plan for their future. All plan members, including those receiving long-term disability benefits, are welcome to attend. Your Pension, Your Future is one and one-half hours in length and Thinking About Retiring is two hours in length. There is no charge to attend either seminar.

The seminar schedules are updated continually; therefore, the easy-to-use online registration system is the best way for members to register for a seminar. The online system provides the most current schedule information and allows members to register quickly. Members will receive an instant confirmation by e-mail, including the date, time and location of the seminar.

Members can access the online registration system at, under the Pension Information Seminars section. This section also provides a link to view the schedule and register manually with a paper form. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis; some venues fill up quickly so it is important members register as early as possible.

Thinking About Retiring

Your Pension, Your Future