Employer tables proposals at health science professionals negotiations

After a slow start to negotiations last week, Ron Ohmart, HSAs Executive Director ... Labour Relations and chief negotiator for the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association and the union bargaining committee welcomed a comprehensive list of proposals tabled by HEABC Monday morning.

-We are pleased the employer has tabled proposals that will allow for meaningful discussion at the table. I am optimistic that now that both parties have a common understanding of each others objectives we will be able to make some progress in contract talks," Ohmart said.

Ohmart said the critical elements in the employer proposals to discuss include:

  • A four-year agreement;
  • Control of escalating health and welfare benefit plan costs;
  • Addressing labour-market issues;
  • Increase in the hours of work.

While no agreement has been reached on any substantive issues, employer proposals on posting of vacancies and shift postings have been discussed. The parties have also been exploring issues related to special and compassionate leave. In addition, the union bargaining association tabled a comprehensive proposal on education leave.

Wednesday, the employer is expected to present information and a detailed proposal aimed at their objective of controlling the escalating costs of health and welfare benefit plans.

Thursday, the parties are scheduled to discuss proposals related to the classification system.

The parties plan to deal with significant monetary issues Monday.

HSA is the lead union in the PPBA, representing more than 90 per cent of health science professionals in B.C. The bargaining association also includes the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Professional Employees Association and Hospital Employees Union.

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