Defending public health care the focus for health science professionals union

Members of the Health Sciences Association, the health care union that represents health sciences professionals who deliver diagnosis, treatment and recovery in BCs hospitals and communities, is meeting this weekend at its 39th annual convention in Vancouver.

BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair told delegates Friday that it is important to fight for public health care, because the private interests that want to make money off of health care are threatening access to quality care to everybody who needs it.

HSA President Reid Johnson said delegates to the convention are focused on an agenda that protects public health care and social services.

-The key to addressing wait lists is a strong public health care system, and that includes making sure we have enough specialized health care workers delivering diagnostic, treatment and recovery in our hospitals," Johnson said.

Highlights of the convention, which continues Saturday, include:

• HSA President Reid Johnson keynote speech: 9:15 a.m.

• Panel on the cuts to health and social services: 12 noon

• Guest speaker: Alberta MLA Rachel Notley (Edmonton-Strathcona), who will highlight the efforts of Albertans to force that provincial government to increase funding for health care

The convention is being held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

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