Consolidation of Lower Mainland medical imaging to begin in 2011

The Report: December 2010 vol.31 num.6


EARLIER THIS YEAR, when Lower Mainland health authorities announced their intentions to consolidate medical imaging services, the potential for signficant layoffs and disruption in patient services was a major concern.

-We wanted to protect our members and maintain quality services for our patients," said HSA President Reid Johnson. -But we also wanted to show that its possible to achieve efficiencies and create a more sustainable program without massive layoffs."

-Thats what we set out to negotiate: an agreement allowing for signficant restructuring of services without displacements and layoffs of diagnostic imaging staff.

-The negotiations were very tough, and while we didnt get all we set out to, were satisfied that we have achieved our main goals."

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Provisions for seamless employment transfer
  • Expanded opportunities in job postings and bumping rights
  • Increased opportunities for clinical specialization, and
  • Options for job share arrangements, voluntary transfers, early retirement options, and phasein retirement initiatives.

-Weve been assured that the consolidation plan will not result in reduction of services," said HSA President Reid Johnson.

-Waiting lists for diagnostic tests are already a severe bottleneck in the health care system."

Staff affected by the changes have been provided with information at a series of meetings held in October and through bulletins prepared by HSA in conjunction with the employer.