Comox hospital cancels scans due to job action by technicians

Comox Valley Record

St. Joseph's General Hospital has cancelled about 70 diagnostic imaging scans on Dec. 7 due to medical imaging technicians' job action.
The essential-service-only job action is expected to last 24 hours and Jane Murphy, St. Joseph's president and CEO, notes only non-urgent outpatient tests have been cancelled; urgent and inpatient tests have not been cancelled.
Diagnostic imaging is "a very busy department and of course we know that this is an inconvenience to our patients - we're very sorry for that. However, this job action has just necessitated that we must do this," Murphy said Thursday afternoon. "Of course we're contacting people and our goal is looking to have them rebooked as soon as possible."
Medical imaging technologists perform X-rays, CT and MRI scans and other imaging procedures.
Hospital pharmacists performed only essential services during a day-long strike Thursday. Murphy noted staffing in the hospital pharmacy was reduced but the hospital was able to keep things running as usual.
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