Community health negotiations slowed by employers lack of preparation

Unions in the Community Bargaining Association (CBA) are disappointed by the pace of talks so far with the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) after a second week of negotiations in Vancouver.
The CBA has tabled housekeeping proposals, language on bullying and harassment, live-in and overnight shifts as well as proposals to renew many of the existing Memorandum of Agreements without changes.  However, HEABC has yet to table any proposals or to respond to the majority of what the CBA has presented.

The unions are disappointed with what appears to be the employers lack of preparation.

Talks resume next Tuesday in Vancouver and additional dates have been set through to the end of March. 
The Community Bargaining Association represents 15,000 members, the majority of whom are represented by the BCGEU.  Other unions at the table are HSA, UFCW, HEU, CUPE, and USWA.

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