CML collective bargaining on hold as HSA awaits decision on Lower Mainland certification

Bargaining for a collective agreement between HSA and CML Healthcare on Vancouver Island has been put on hold as the Labour Relations Board deliberates an application by HSA to include CML employees at Lower Mainland locations in the Vancouver Island bargaining unit.

In January, HSA made an application to include Lower Mainland CML Healthcare employees in the existing Vancouver Island HSA bargaining unit. CML has opposed the application, arguing that Island and Lower Mainland employees should not be allowed to bargain together for improvements to wages and working conditions.

Until the Labour Relations Board provides a decision on the composition of the bargaining unit HSA represents, HSA and CML have agreed for the time being not to proceed with bargaining for a new collective agreement.

If the Labour Relations Board rules that the Lower Mainland CML employees should be a part of the bargaining unit, the Lower Mainland members will be represented at the bargaining table.

If the ruling is against HSA, bargaining will proceed with the current CML bargaining unit on Vancouver Island as a stand-alone unit.