On-call research to continue

The Report: June / July 2000 vol.21 num.3


The Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare has approved $10,000 for HSA to continue research relating to on-call work. 

Last fall, HSA retained a PhD candidate from UBC to conduct a literature search on the issue of on-call work.

Her findings showed that there were a variety of studies that addressed certain components of working ‘on-call but there was no peer reviewed summary of the issue that met generally accepted academic standards. 

As a result, HSA determined that it was necessary to compile a thorough summary of all the information available on the topic. The money approved through OHSAH will pay for the same PhD candidate to complete a literature review and to conduct primary research about standards of practice in other national and international jurisdictions.

The literature survey will use all published academic studies and articles to answer three questions. First, what are the known health effects associated with on-call work? Second, what effect does on-call work have on the quality of patient care? And finally, what interventions have been designed to minimize or eliminate the health effects of on-call work? A preliminary summary will be completed this fall with a final completion date set for December 2000.

In the meantime, those who are interested in the topic are encouraged to keep in touch with each other through the website discussion group. If you do not have website access and would like to be in touch with other HSA members concerned about on-call, please call the HSA Health and Safety Officer at 439.0994 or 1.800.663.2017.