B.C. Supreme Court dismisses petition; BMETs and CTs to remain HSA members

The B.C. Supreme Court today dismissed a petition by the Hospital Employees Union to overturn a decision of the Labour Relations Board to assign union membership of Biomedical Engineering Technologists from HEU to HSA.

Biomedical Engineering Technologists maintain specialized hospital equipment at acute care hospitals across the province.
The Biomedical Engineering Technologists were designated as health science professionals last year, and moved into the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (previously the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association) collective agreement.  At that time, the Labour Relations Board ruled HSA should represent the technologists. However, that ruling was appealed by the Hospital Employees Union. Todays decision upholds the original Labour Relations Board decision, as well as a subsequent Board review.

The decision also applies to Cardiology Technologists, who the Labour Relations Board determined early this year are properly in the Health Science Professional bargaining unit and represented by HSA.

-With the issue of union representation now resolved, HSA is looking forward to continuing to represent these technologists, who are valued members of the health science professionals team," said Ron Ohmart, HSAs Executive Director ... Labour Relations.

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