BC Health Coalition urges citizens to take action during National Medicare Week, November 17 to 22

The BC Health Coalition is urging citizens to take action to protectand expand public health care in their communities during NationalMedicare Week, November 17-22.

-Ongoing violations of the Canada Health Act (CHA),such as private clinics extra-billing and costly membership fees, area threat to Canadians health and their pocketbooks," says Joyce Jones,Community Co-Chair of the Coalition.

-Thats why were joiningwith thousands of individuals and organizations across Canada to callon provincial and federal governments to enforce the Canada Health Actand protect citizens from the high costs of health care privatization."

BC Health Coalition actions throughout National Medicare Weekinclude addressing the growing issues of for-profit seniors care,public private partnerships, and private, for-profit clinics in BritishColumbia.

-We have heard from citizens across B.C. that privateclinics, P3s and seniors care are their main areas of concern," saysJones, -British Columbians are recognizing that health careprivatization means we pay more, get less, and wait longer."

Violations of the Canada Health Act by for-profit health facilities in B.C. and across Canada have been documented in a recent report, Eroding Public Medicare: costs and consequences.

For more information about National Medicare Week please visit www.bchealthcoalition.ca


For more information contact:
Joyce Jones, co-chair, BC Health Coalition; 604-987-0168; 604-786-7530 (cell)

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* Eroding Public Medicare: costs and consequences is available at: http://www.bchealthcoalition.ca/images/PDF/ppp_final.pdf