BC Flu Prevention

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BC07 - (BC-Flu-Prevention)
VANCOUVER. The head of the Health Sciences Association says his union is pleased the government has backed away from forcing its members to get a flu shot. Reid Johnson says members are encouraged to have flu vaccinations, but they don't want to be forced into something that involves their privacy.
TAG: Instead of forcing workers to get flu shots, the Health Ministry plans to work on voluntary compliance from employees in the first year of the program.
BC08 - (BC-Flu-Prevention)
VANCOUVER. The B-C government now says it won't be enforcing its mandatory flu vaccination policy for provincial health-care workers. The Health Ministry now says it will be working with employees on a voluntary basis to stem the flu. Reid Johnson, president of the Health Sciences Association, says its a better compromise.
TAG: The H-S-A and two other health care unions launched grievances against the policy saying workers didn't like to be threatened into doing something that should be a private issue.