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A mandate to seek fairness

December 1, 2012
The Report: December 2012 vol.33 num.4 IN OUR LONG HISTORY, HSA MEMBERS HAVE RARELY FELT WE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO PREPARE FOR A STRIKE. Our health science professional members have only gone on strike three times before now, and the last time more than 11 years ago. Its not something we take lightly. That is why it is so extraordinary that 90% of our health science professional members just voted in favour of a strike.

Breaking the impasse

December 1, 2012
The Report: December 2012 vol.33 num.4 AFTER NINE MONTHS OF HARD BARGAINING, WE HAVE REACHED AN IMPASSE. LET ME TELL YOU HOW WE GOT HERE. You have given the bargaining committee a clear mandate: restore competitive wages, protect benefits and protect working conditions, including dealing with workload and call issues. We have spent nine months trying to kick start negotiations and make inroads on these issues. But HEABC insists there will be no deal without concessions. We say: absolutely not.

Job action: How will it affect you?

December 1, 2012
The Report: December 2012 vol.33 num.4 IN AN IDEAL WORLD, STRIKES WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY. Employees and employers would meet at the bargaining table, discuss bargaining proposals based upon reason, justice and mutual respect. They would use objective data and negotiate a settlement. In reality, that is often what happens. However, sometimes there are significantly different points of view about what is -reasonable," -just" and -objective." When that happens, settlements depend on strength and determination. PROTECTING OUR PATIENTS

More respiratory therapists needed at NRGH

November 30, 2012
Nanaimo News Bulletin The Health Sciences Association of B.C. wants Vancouver Island Health Authority to hire more respiratory therapists for Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. VIHA says it wants to raise staffing levels, but can't find people to fill the positions.

HSA negotiates elimination of punitive aspects of BCs policy on mandatory flu vaccinations

November 30, 2012
On the eve of the implementation of a new province-wide policy that threatened to fire health science professionals who refused to declare whether they had been vaccinated against seasonal flu, Health Sciences Association  has negotiated an agreement that sees the government back off on the policys punitive aspects.

VIHA officials asked to address specialist shortage

November 30, 2012
Harbour City Star By Darrell Bellaart Health officials have been told to address a shortage of specialists who help critically ill patients with breathing difficulties at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. WorkSafe B.C. ruled the Vancouver Island Health Authority must provide a plan to stop scheduling respiratory therapists to work shifts as long as 24 hours. A Work-Safe inspector toured NRGH on Nov. 9 and issued an inspection report Nov. 16.

Health science professionals set to take strike action next week

November 30, 2012
For immediate release:  November 30, 2012 The members of BCs modern health care team who provide diagnostic, clinical and rehabilitation services have announced they will begin strike action next week.  Tired and frustrated by months of inaction at the bargaining table, health science professionals voted 90 per cent in favour of a strike this month. Wednesday, December 5, pharmacists ... who were threatened with a 15 per cent wage rollback earlier this year ... will reduce their work to essential services only.

Rally for fairness tomorrow

November 27, 2012
Come join 2000 delegates to the BC Federation of Labour convention to call for fairness for all workers: DATE: Wednesday, November 28 TIME: noon -- convene between East and West Vancouver Convention buildings, 1055 Canada Place noon-12:30pm -- march to Vancouver Art Gallery

Community health services and support workers strike at VCMHS; community social services workers strike at Cameray Family and Community Services

November 27, 2012
Community social services workers (represented by HSA) are on strike tomorrow, as are community health services and support workers (represented by CUPE) at Vancouver Community Mental Health. (HSA also represents health science professionals at VCMHS, who are not on strike.)   Community health services and support  

Health science professionals issue strike notice after employers pull a no-show at scheduled bargaining

November 23, 2012
Bargaining for a new contract for BCs health science professionals was to resume yesterday for the first time since health science professionals delivered a 90 per cent strike vote to support the bargaining committees proposals for a fair and reasonable collective agreement. Bargaining had broken off October 31.