2012 OH&S Basic Steward Training

HSA is offering the following 2-day OH&S steward training workshops at the HSA office:

Basic OH&S Steward Training dates:  Registration closes:
February 13 & 14, 2012                        February 3, 2012
March 26 & 27, 2012                             March 5, 2012

Occupational health and safety issues are very important to HSA members, and OH&S stewards play a vital role in promoting a safe work environment and helping to prevent injuries. These workshops are participatory and discussion oriented. We encourage you to bring examples from your workplace for discussion.

Priority will be given to new HSA OH&S stewards and to OH&S stewards who have not previously attended HSA OH&S workshops. Workshop participants will discuss:

• rights and responsibilities of safety stewards
• role of the WCB
• role of the new occupational health and safety regulations
• accident investigation / prevention
• workload/stress
• violence in the workplace
• musculoskeletal injuries

On-line registration is now available for these workshops.  To register, go to the HSA website at and log in, click on Member Services, then Event Registration from the drop-down menu.  Please note you need to log in to register for these seminars and you will need to know your HSA member ID number (found on the mailing label of your HSA Report or call the HSA office.)  If you have never logged into the HSA website instructions are provided on the log in page.

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