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Why are the BC Liberals picking on our children?

October 1, 2009
Fresh on the heels of cutting funding for children with autism, the Ministry for Children and Family Development has abruptly cut off funding to the Infant Development Programs provincial office. -Why are the BC Liberals picking on kids with disabilities?" asked Reid Johnson, President of the Health Sciences Association of BC.

Rallies planned to oppose termination of autism programs

October 1, 2009
Families are planning rallies in the coming weeks to fight the cut in funding for autism services for children. HSA President Reid Johnson will join the Kelowna rally Sunday October 18 at 11 a.m. Date: Sunday, October 18th Time: 11 am - 1 pm Place: Kerry Park/The Sails (downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue)

Breakthrough ruling on multiple-chemical sensitivities

October 1, 2009
The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.4 Appeal ruling recognizes condition affecting people exposed to workplace chemicals LENORE WAS SHOPPING AT RONA with her husband when it happened. She cant remember the details, but she blacked out completely, and later was found wandering around in a confused state. Staff paged her husband to come help her.

Whistleblower comes to BC

October 1, 2009
0 The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.4 LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIST KELLY LEWIS STOOD UP FOR PATIENT CARE IN ALBERTA by LAURA BUSHEIKIN HSA MEMBER KELLY LEWIS has no hesitation about describing herself as a -squawker." In fact, shes proud to be someone who speaks out when she sees an injustice. -If I think somethings not right, Ill stand up and say its not fair," she says.

Award recognizes leader in her field

October 1, 2009
The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.4 CYTOGENETIC TECHNOLOGIST CHRISTINE HAESSIG by LAURA BUSHEIKIN -THE VERY FIRST TIME I looked down a microscope I was immediately very interested," says HSA member Christine Haessig. -From an early age, I always knew I was going to go to university and have a career in the scientific field."

When the going gets tough...

October 1, 2009
The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.4 LIKE THE PATIENTS AND CLIENTS we serve all across British Columbia, HSA members are facing some big challenges this fall. Travelling to meet with members at this years round of regional meetings, Ive had a chance to hear about these first hand.

Parental leave and benefits

October 1, 2009
The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.3 by JULIO TRUJILLO I work as a lab tech in a hospital, and Im pregnant. So is my colleague ... shes a registered psychiatric nurse at the same facility. Do we have the same maternity leave benefits? Yes you do. But, depending on your contract, different groups of HSA members have different parental leave benefits.

Social justice at work in community and home

October 1, 2009
The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.3 FIGHTING INEQUALITY, WORKING FOR CHANGE by LAURA BUSHEIKIN Like many HSA members, Anne Davis is actively engaged in the fight for social justice. But even the unions most passionate activists might be surprised by how hard Davis is working to advance social justice, human rights, labour, and gender equality.

Tending the breath

October 1, 2009
user The Report: October / November 2009 vol.30 num.3 SAVING LIVES THROUGH RESPIRATORY THERAPY by LAURA BUSHEIKIN From the first inspiration of a newborn baby, to the last exhalation of a person at the end of life, breathing defines our existence.