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Red Cross lab tech plans to spend retirement helping homeless cats

The Report: October 1998 vol.19 num.3


After 29 years as a blood bank laboratory technologist at the CanadianRed Cross, June Humphreys is looking forward to her retirement. However, Humphreysdoesnt intend to just sit back and relax ... instead, retirement will mean moretime to devote to her other -full-time job."

HSA members question changes to screening mammography guidelines

The Report: September 1998 vol.19 num.2


Recent changes to the Screening Mammography Program of BC have raisedconcerns among many HSA members. As a union, HSA has a unique perspective on the changes;not only is the unions membership 90 per cent female, but HSA represents themammographers who provide this important service on a daily basis.

HSA activists celebrate their "strength, size and attitude" as part of Big Dance

The Report: September 1998 vol.19 num.2


A dance troupe in Victoria that -celebrates large womensstrength, size and attitude" is proving that you dont need to be young andwaiflike to participate in the dance world.

-Big Dance," founded by performer and choreographer LyndaRaino, is a group of eight large-sized women. The troupe performs modern dance piecesaround the province, and two of the dancers ... Jude Marleau and Susan Richings ...are HSA members.

Paragon Orthotics employees celebrate bargaining victory

The Report: September 1998 vol.19 num.2

HSA members at Paragon Orthotics in Victoria have ratified a newcollective agreement ending a bitter eight-day labour dispute that saw the employer, Dr.Glenn Cornwell, make several attempts to intimidate workers. Despite difficultnegotiations, HSA members achieved a deal that reflects the significant contribution theyhave made to the companys success.

Vancouver/Richmond adopts ROARS report

The Report: September 1998 vol.19 num.2

The Vancouver/Richmond Health Board knows the value of front-line careproviders. Human resources issues were identified as a key factor in the review of acuteand rehabilitation services (ROARS), which was adopted by the health board at their Julymeeting.

Delegates reaffirm their support for breast cancer awareness and prevention

The Report: July / August 1998 vol.19 num.1

Breast cancer is a serious illness that takes many lives, and HSAmembers treat the issue with the attention it deserves - so much so that for the secondyear running, delegates to the annual convention voted to spend $20,000 in union funds topromote the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations Run for the Cure.

Convention 1998: Looking ahead

The Report: July / August 1998 vol.19 num.1

More than 250 delegates packed HSAs 27th Annual Convention May28-30, making it the largest on record and demonstrating the continued growth of theunion.

Many were attending for the first time, representing workers in thehealth and social service sectors, and reflecting the unions successful organizingefforts.