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Summer brings new challenges for HSA

The Report: July 1999 vol.20 num.1


I write this on the first day of summer: June 21. When I began my work on the Executive of HSA, first as a Board member, then as President, I heard rumours that ‘things slowed down in the summer, affording a breather from the hectic pace maintained throughout the rest of the year. I wait patiently for one of those summers.

Common values make HSA strong

The Report: July 1999 vol.20 num.1

Over 250 delegates rose to their feet at HSAs 28th Annual Convention, after acclaiming Cindy Stewart as President of the Health Sciences Association for a fourth term.

At a crossroads: union direction and a personal journey of activism

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7


In contemplating what to write for my report as Director for Region 1, mythoughts cross many boundaries. There are many things I want to communicate to and aboutmy members, the people who work in our 41 HSA sites on Vancouver Island from Duncan north,the Sechelt Peninsula including Powell River, and the Squamish to Pemberton area.

New OH&S regulation in effect April 15

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7


A new Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, to replace theold Industrial Health and Safety Regulation, came into effect on April 15, 1998. Employerswere given a one-year grace period to work towards compliance. As of April 15, 1999, thisyear is up, so that almost all of the requirements are now in force. (There are a fewexceptions; for example Section 4.83(3) on environmental tobacco smoke gives certainestablishments until January 1, 2000 to comply.)

What's up and what's not with union actions and grievances

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7

HSA welcomes CDC health services and support workers 

Fifteen employees at Fort St. John Child Development Centrejoined HSA in February. These new members work in health services and support at the FortSt. John and Fort Nelson sites of the Centre in administration and child care.

Welcome to new member atCedarview Lodge

Does BC really have a debt problem?

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7


The recent provincial budget was, for many commentators, a real dog. After all,$890 million is an awfully big number for a late-1990s provincial deficit. But there isgood reason to step back and put the numbers in their proper context. Despite all of thebarking, the bite is not really that bad.

Training, dedication to help union members

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7


Over the last three years it has been my very great privilege to have receivedHSA scholarships to train as a Union Counsellor. This has been one of the most valuableand rewarding experiences of my twenty-one years as an HSA member.

The Union Counselling program is mainly taught at the CLC WinterSchool at Harrison Hot Springs, BC. It is sponsored by the Canadian Labour Congress andtaught by the Labour Participation Department of the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

What are my rights if I have a substance addiction?

The Report: May / June 1999 vol.19 num.7


In BC, the law is clear on workers who have asubstance addiction: the employer must make every reasonable effort to accommodate aworkers disabilities by either allowing her to take time to get treatment for aproblem, or by providing some alternate form of employment at the worksite.