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Members look to the future with confidence

The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3

HSA’s 30th annual convention held April 6 and 7 celebrated the contributions members continue to make every day to the health of their communities. Almost 300 delegates from around the province were on hand for debates around resolutions on diverse issues.

Delegates also strengthened networks to tackle the work to be done to secure collective agreements at two major bargaining tables.

Right to refuse overtime

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


What is the scope of an employee's right to refuse overtime?

Members can be proud of 30 years of union history

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


The more things change, the more they remain the same. Thirty years ago, health science professionals felt they were losing out in respect of the wages they were paid.

Looking back through years of change and regionalization

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


In 1993, as a newly elected board member, I never imagined how far my activism would extend or how much that commitment would come to mean to me. As I now prepare to leave HSAs Board of Directors, I cant help but look back on the many years of change that I have been privileged to be a part of.

Provincial election our chance to encourage improved health care

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


With a throne speech and budget that spelled out a commitment to health care, the NDP government set the stage last month for an election campaign with a strong commitment to health care.

The timing couldn’t be better – for HSA members and for all British Columbians.

Ending family violence

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


Chances are, many of you know somebody in your personal or professional life who is the victim of spousal violence. An astounding fifty one per cent of Canadian women have been or are victims of physical or sexual abuse.

Workload survey proves members are overworked

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


H SA members at Vernon Jubilee hospital knew they were being seriously overworked. Now, after initiating a survey of members at the facility, they have proof.

The chapter at the Okanagan hospital is also a bit of a Cinderella story. It now has several active stewards and regular union-management meetings to discuss workload and other issues, thanks to a rigorous application of what is called the organizing model of trade unionism.

Wage improvements key to health science professionals' bargaining

The Report: April / May 2001 vol.22 num.2


Bargaining for a new collective agreement for 14,000 health science professionals is off to a slow start, with the Health Employers Association of BC clearly reluctant to make any real moves to facilitate negotiations.

In the last week of March, the unions tabled a wage demand, calling for a 30 per cent increase in wages for health science professionals.