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Speaking up for HSA

The Report: July / August 2004 vol.25 num.4


ecognizing the significant impact that government decisions have on members' working conditions, HSA's 2003 convention passed a resolution adding the function of lobbying to the mandate of HSA's political action committee (PAC).

Workload overload

The Report: June 2004 vol.25 num.3


A recent reorganization in my department has compounded what was already an acute workload problem. My coworkers are all on the verge of burnout. What should we do?

Liberals went too far

The Report: June 2004 vol.25 num.3


ith less than a year left in the Liberal government’s mandate, we have come through a very turbulent period in labour relations in British Columbia.

Consolidating strengths, setting direction: working to protect services

The Report: June 2004 vol.25 num.3

record number of members attended HSA’s 33rd annual convention, held April 23 and 24 in Burnaby. Delegates spent two days listening to reports and guest speakers, and vigorously debating resolutions to help determine the union’s course of action over the next year.

RPNs: intensely focused, caring with pride

The Report: April / May 2004 vol.25 num.2

hat are your key concerns about working conditions? What role does the union play in your workplace? What challenges do you encounter to provide the standards of care that are consistent with good nursing practice?