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Breaking the cycle of abuse

The Report: October / November 2005 vol.26 num.5

or a woman escaping abuse, North Island Transition Societys Ann Elmore House offers safe haven ... and the skilled, empathetic aid of transition house workers like Charity Perrault.

“Off-duty conduct”

The Report: October / November 2005 vol.26 num.5

What is -off-duty conduct?" When can employers discipline employees for -off-duty conduct"?

Every breath you take

The Report: August / September 2005 vol.26 num.4


sk most people what the fastest growing disease in the world is, and you would get a variety of responses.

Top marks for HSA member

The Report: June / July 2005 vol.26 num.3


here are many HSA members who received excellent grades while training for their profession. But how many achieve one of Canadas top academic honours while studying for a new health sciences career?