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Technology: Essential to your health

The Report: June / July 2006 vol.27 num.3


The basic job description for Biomedical Engineering Technologists (BMET) sounds undeniably dry: they take care of medical equipment. But in reality the job is varied and interesting, involving a multitude of skills and demanding, occasionally, miracles, says Ron Fyffe, a BMET at Vancouver General Hospital, where he is also an HSA steward.

Tie a purple ribbon: taking on workplace violence

The Report: June / July 2006 vol.27 num.3


No meetings. No budget. No long-term plan. Just a deeply felt desire to honour three colleagues whod been injured in a violent workplace altercation.

Thats how Shannon Breeze, a registered psychiatric nurse in Victoria, describes the origin of the Purple Ribbon Campaign she helped initiate at her workplace in April 2005.

HSA members take seats on council, school board

The Report: January / February 2006 vol.27 num.1

Debora Munoz takes her seat on Prince George Municipal Council

Debora Munoz was still glowing a bit the morning after she was inaugurated as a new member of the Prince George city council. Having finally recovered from the sleep deprivation that accompanied the last weeks of her campaign, she had enjoyed every minute of the ceremony.