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HSA kicks off 35th annual convention Friday, April 7

The Health Sciences Association of BC (HSA) will kick off its 35th annual convention Friday, April 7 at the Hilton Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby.

HSA represents health science professionals who provide diagnostic, rehabilitation and clinical services in the health care system. HSA also represents workers in the community social services and community health care.

More than 200 delegates will participate in the two-day convention.
Highlights of the convention include:

Friday, April 7

Health science professionals ratify collective agreement

Health science professionals have voted 90 per cent to accept a four-year agreement.

-Health science professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients," said Health Sciences Association of BC President Cindy Stewart.

-This agreement recognizes the skills, training, and expertise that they bring to the job and is an important first step in ensuring that BC has the health science professionals we need now and in the future."

Tentative deal reached for health science professionals

A tentative agreement has been reached between the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of BC following intense negotiations over the weekend.

Highlights of the four-year agreement include:

Wage increase a top priority for health science professionals

Health Science Professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of health care patients and they deserve a contract that recognizes their value.

That's the message from members of the Health Sciences Association of BC following HSA's three-day bargaining conference in Vancouver. HSA represents 12,000 health science professionals across the province.

BC unions gearing up to protest Bill 12

Sinclair says coordinated job action is being taken to reach a settlement

BC Federation of Labour news release

Vancouver — Officers of unions affiliated to the B.C. Federation of Labour today announced that workers will begin protesting Bill 12 on Monday in Greater Victoria if the government refuses to negotiate a settlement with the BC Teachers Federation.

UN labour agency condemns human rights violations by Campbell government

An agency of the United Nations has again condemned the Campbell Liberal government for violating workers human rights by contravening international labour standards that Canadian governments are supposed to uphold.

In a highly critical report released recently, the International Labour Organization
(ILO) uses blunt language to condemn the BC government for clear violations of
freedom of association principles. It also put pressure on Victoria to repair the
damage done and demanded that the province come into compliance with international standards.

What's really happening in health care?

Front-line providers not allowed to tell

The gag order on front-line health care workers at St. Pauls Hospital is not an isolated case, says Health Sciences Association President Cindy Stewart.

-Health care providers are afraid to speak out about the deteriorating conditions in the health care system. Conditions for patients are getting worse, and the health care professionals are under a gag order. They cant tell the public whats really going on, or they will lose their jobs," Stewart said.

HSA President Cindy Stewart re-elected

Delegates to the 34 th annual convention of the Health Sciences Association of BC have re-elected Cindy Stewart, a physiotherapist from Vernon, as their president for another two years. Stewart defeated challenger Derrick Hoyt, a lab technologist from Victoria.

Stewart has been President of HSA since 1993. The union represents more than 12,000 health care and social services professional across BC who provide a range of diagnostic, clinical and rehabilitation services.