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Health Sciences Association of BC donates $10,000 to fire relief fund

The Health Sciences Association of BC announced today a $10,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross BC Forest Fire Fund, to support relief efforts in British Columbia's devastating forest fires.

"This has been a devastating month for hundreds of families across BC. The immediate danger and personal stress has taken a toll on whole communities - from residents and volunteers to the people whose job it is to provide public safety, including fire fighting, policing and health care," HSA President Cindy Stewart said.

Stop privatization of surgeries and hold public hearings, health coalition tells government

A move by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to privatize thousands of surgical procedures has staggering implications for public health care, says a medicare advocacy organization.

And the BC Health Coalition is calling on Health Services Minister Colin Hansen to order a stop to the health authority's plans to contract out publicly insured surgeries and hold public hearings on the government's health privatization plans.

HSA kicks off annual convention April 11

The Health Sciences Association of BC (HSA) will kick off its 32nd annual convention Friday, April 11 at the Hilton Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby.

HSA represents health science professionals providing diagnostic, rehabilitation and clinical services in the health care system. HSA also represents workers in community social services and community health care.

More than 200 delegates will participate in the two-day convention, which will focus on protecting services and jobs in communities around the province.