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Register by Dec. 29 for 'Conversation' forum in Kamloops

The provincial government has announced the dates for the regional forums on health care.

Deadline for registration for the first two forumsa, to be held in Kamloops and Surrey, is December 29.

Health care professionals have been barred from participating in the public forums, but are encouraged to participate in 'professional forums.' The 'professional' forum in Kamloops is scheduled for February 2. In Surrey, the 'professional' forum is scheduled for Feb. 9.

Holiday best wishes

In past years, the Health Sciences Association has marked the holiday season with cards of thanks and greetings to activists, colleagues, supporters and suppliersto thank you for the work you do with us throughout the year.

Unions and HEABC resolve April 1 wage increase issue

In early May, HEABC met with the Health Sciences Association (HSA) representing the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association and representatives of the Community Bargaining Association, the Facilities Bargaining Association and the Nurses Bargaining Association to discuss language within the new collective agreements regarding the effective date of wage increases.

Nurses ratify new contract by 97.1 per cent

Members of the unions belonging to the Nurses Bargaining Association have voted by 97.1 per cent to ratify the new Provincial Collective Agreement.

Bargaining Association members unions are BC Nurses Union, the Union of Psychiatric Nurses, and the Health Sciences Association.

About 55 per cent of the NBAs 25,000 members turned out to vote with 13,289 voting yes, 397 voting no and 88 spoiled ballots.

Details of the Nurses (NBA) tentative agreement

Ratification packages have been mailed to all HSA RPNs and RNs to vote on the tentative agreement between the Nurses' Bargaining Association and Community Social Services Employers' Association. The HSA Board of Directors and your bargaining committee are recommending you vote "YES" in favour of the agreement. For information on this agreement:

Summary of the proposed agreement

Details of Nurses Bargaining Association tentative agreement

The Nurses' Bargaining Association has reached a tentative agreement with the Health Employers' Association on a new contract that provides significant gains for nurses in key areas of workload and compensation.

The NBA is recommending acceptance of the agreement and will be taking it out to the members for ratification.