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New $10 minimum wage video released on You Tube

I want to share with you our latest effort in the Campaign to increase BC's minimum wage and win a long overdue pay raise for 250,000 low paid workers.

$10 NOW: BC Workers Need a Raise is a short video piece where working people talk about why our minimum wage needs to be increased.

It's just been posted on You Tube, and you can watch it now by clicking on this link:

NUPGE releases two new pensions backgrounders

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has released the fifth and sixth in its ongoing series of Pensions Backgrounders. The publications are designed for union activists seeking educational material to build their knowledge base and skill level around critical issues in the field of pensions.

Future of pensions discussed at labour conference

The 3rd CLC Pension Conference attracted over 300 activists and experts to Ottawa last week ... making it one of our best-attended conferences, and with good reason. The future of secure pensions for working people is something unions have always held as a top priority.

Delegates were treated to a wide variety of leading pension experts and a thorough line-up of the top-of-mind topics for todays pension fund activists.

Talking Politics: How to get women more involved in municipal politics

Members in the Lower Mainland interested in geting women involved in municipal politics are welcome to attend the latest in the Talking Politcis series.

Thursday, October 11 hear from Sue Hammell, MLA, who will speak about internationl examples. Menna Wong will focus on how to involve all communities. Loretta Woodcock will talk about her experience as a Vancouver Parks Board member, and Sharon Gregson will share her perspectives as a school board member.

Leaked documents expose government plans for more contracting out to private clinics

Government documents obtained by the BC Health Coalition expose plans to expand the contracting out of surgeries to for-profit clinics even though the -Conversation on Health" public consultation has not yet concluded.

In a July letter sent to all B.C.s private clinics, Deputy Minister Gordon Macatee asks clinic owners for information about their facilities operations in order to help government explore ``further opportunities for innovative private sector involvement`` in public health care.

Labour Day Message

Over the past five years, Canadas economy has lost over 300,000 of its best-paying jobs and continues to lose hundreds more every week. These were jobs with good salaries. They offered benefits that helped people raise healthy families and plan for a decent retirement. They came with incomes that supported local businesses and paid for social services that raised everyones quality of life.