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BC Health Coalition Action Alert: Join public health care supporters at all candidates' debates scheduled for the Vancouver Island North riding!

The upcoming federal election is an enormous opportunity for British Columbians who want their universal public health care system to be strengthened and protected.
At upcoming debates, candidates will be answering questions about the issues that voters care about most. Lets make sure that public health care is top of mind for all candidates!

Local scheduled debates:


When: Wednesday, April 20th, 1:00PM
Where: Seniors Centre, 1426 Ironwood St

The Federal Election: Vote Public Health Care

Dear Friend of Medicare,

Health care is a top-of-mind issue for all Canadians. Polls show that we want our universal public health care system Medicare - to be strengthened and protected, not privatized.

The upcoming federal election is a great opportunity to bring our issues to the attention of candidates throughout the province.

Do you want to connect with others in your community and help out with sign campaigns, all candidates' meetings, or other community activities to raise the profile of public health care?

We can help!

WE ARE ONE! Solidarity rally at Peace Arch Park this Saturday, April 2

Right wing governments are using the economic downturn to attack collective agreements and workers' right. 

The B.C. Federation of Labour stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters under attack by the Republican government of Wisconsin.

The -Budget Repair Bill" adopted by the states House of Representatives includes draconian measures that eliminate fundamental rights of Wisconsin public employees, cut real wages and attempt to destroy their unions. 

Urgent meeting re: anti-union agenda in Wisconsin

Following the US election, the Republican right launched an all-out attack on trade union and collective bargaining rights.  While other states have initiated anti-union legislation, Wisconsin has been the front-line of the assault, and a symbol of resistance to the conservative agenda. 

New B.C. health minister off base on for-profit care

Advocates working to protect B.C.s universal public health care system are troubled by recent statements made by newly-appointed health minister Mike de Jong, hinting at a bigger role for the
private sector in health care delivery.

Speaking to media during his first day on the job, de Jong argued that patients do not care who owns the health care facility or employs the workers when they receive care.

Solidarity rally April 2 at Peace Arch

HSA is joining with unions across British Columbia, Oregon and Washington at a rally to stand in solidarity with workers who are struggling to keep their right to collectively bargain.

Post-earthquake Haiti: hear an update from Partners in Health

Two upcoming events in Vancouver:

Public Health and Social Justice:  Partners in Health reports on post-earthquake Haiti

Date:  Wednesday March 23, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Location: UBC: Room 200, Hennings Bldg, 6224 Agricultural Road, (across the Main Mall from the Student Union Building)

UPDATED: Unions lead the fight for womens equality

March 8 marks the 100th Anniversary of International Womens Day.
Just a generation ago, when our mothers entered the workforce, job postings still listed higher wages for men ... -mens rates" ... alongside lower -womens rates," for people working side by side, doing exactly the same job.
While women have fought for and achieved many significant gains, the wage gap between women and men today remains staggering: almost 30 per cent. Women working full-time still only make 70 cents for every dollar men are paid.

100th anniversary of International Women's Day

To mark the 100th anniversary of womens day, HSA is making available celebratory stickers (click here to view sample).

As the Canadian Labour Congress recently noted:

Without question, Canadian women have made pension gains in recent decades. This is particularly true for women workers in the public sector, and women retirees with access to public pensions.