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Your benefits should not be a political football



As this issue of The Report goes to press, the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association has reached a tentative agreement for a renewed contract running from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2019.

The proposed five-year agreement has a number of elements that I and the bargaining committee believe meet the needs of health science professionals.

An agreement worth supporting



HSA and other unions have been hunkered down in ceaseless and difficult negotiations for almost five years.

The effort has expended enormous resources – resources that we need to focus on helping members deal with their daily workplace challenges.

So when mediators approached HSA and other unions about early negotiations for a five-year deal, we decided to listen.

End the raid: Revoke your UPN or BCNU membership card today

Registered psychiatric nurses represented by HSA have a lot of questions about pressure tactics currently employed by the BC Nurses Union and the Union of Psychiatric Nurses. Both BCNU and UPN have recently pressured members already represented by HSA, and we've been getting questions about whether it's possible to cancel these memberships.

The deadline is now

Health science members vote on new tentative agreement


In late November, the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association reached a tentative agreement for the 17,000 health science professionals delivering modern health care in BC's hospitals and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Flu Shot Policy

Do I have to get the flu shot?

The policy upheld by the arbitrator states that if you do not get a flu shot, you can still work, but must wear a mask at all times during the declared flu season.

When does flu season start?
Flu season is declared by the Provincial Health Officer. It is typically declared between late-November and March.

Arbitrator rules flu vaccine policy allowable; members who don't comply face risk of firing

 health care workers who don’t get a flu shot, or wear masks at work, face risk of being fired

An arbitrator has ruled on the controversial flu shot policy for health care workers, siding with the health authority policy that dictates all health care workers must get immunized against seasonal influenza, or wear a mask at all times during the declared flu season. Flu season is typically declared from late-November to March by the Provincial Health Officer.

HSA Political Action Fund available to support members in upcoming municipal by-elections

HSA members throughout the province who are running for office or working in upcoming municipal by-elections may apply to HSA for financial support from HSA's Political Action Fund.

Municipal, Board of Education and Regional District elections

1. Members who are candidates in a civic election may apply for up to 5 days of wage replacement and/or up to $200 to cover approved personal expenses incurred to run for office.

Closure of child psychiatry inpatient program at BC Children’s Hospital puts vulnerable children at risk, say youth and family counsellors

Families and advocates for children with serious mental health challenges are speaking out against a month-long closure of the child psychiatry inpatient unit at BC Children’s Hospital.

The month-long closure from July 19 to August 19 is to allow for a redesign of the treatment model used at the unit. The program is being redesigned from a 24/7 inpatient program to a Monday to Friday day program. The redesign includes reducing the number of Youth and Family Counsellors (YFCs) from the health care team working with the children aged 5 to 12 years old and their families.