Health care and community social service professionals are on the front lines of support, often in very challenging situations.

On any day, these workers may face a traumatic event on the job that can result in a mental health injury. However, they face barriers to quickly accessing the support they need to recover.

That’s why we’re calling on the BC government to expand WorkSafe presumptive coverage to all health care and community social service professionals.

When a worker receives a formal diagnosis of PTSD or another mental health disorder as a result of a work-related traumatic event, presumptive coverage makes it easier to advance a Workers’ Compensation claim.

We know that the faster someone receives support, the faster their recovery. It also means they can return to work faster.

By emailing your MLA and the Minister of Labour, you’ll join a movement of British Columbians putting pressure on the provincial government to expand presumptive coverage to the whole team of health care and community social service workers.

Here is a tool to help you send a message to the people that need to hear it. While there is text provided in the body of the email, you are encouraged to personalize the message if you are comfortable doing so.