Redesign of Lab Services at Provincial Health Services Authority


Provincial Health Services Authority has served section 54 notice informing the Health Sciences Professional Bargaining Association that it intends to introduce a change to Lower Mainland pathology and laboratory services. This change will affect the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of health science professional bargaining unit employees.

PHSA's notice stated that their redesign is focused on employees who have been in supervisory roles such as section heads, technical coordinators and chiefs. It further stated that medical laboratory technologists at the bench level will not be directly impacted.

Changes cannot be implemented prior to April 4, 2015. Over the next two months, the parties will meet to discuss PHSA's proposed changes to service delivery design, job descriptions and classifications, and to endeavor to develop an adjustment plan.

Protecting members' interests throughout this process is a top priority for the union.

HSA, on behalf of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association, has delivered a three-level response:

  1. The Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association takes the position that the proposed changes fundamentally depart from the classification provisions set out in the collective agreements negotiated by HSPBA and Health Employers' Association of BC, and that PHSA failed to disclose its intended revisions and their projected cost savings during the recent round of bargaining. As HSPBA was not properly afforded the opportunity to consider these intended revisions and savings as we developed our bargaining strategy, we will now pursue any and all legal remedies available.
  2. HSPBA plans to file a policy grievance concerning PHSA's wrongful assignment of bargaining unit work to certain excluded positions.
  3. HSPBA will begin negotiations with PHSA's committee on February 24th, having now fully established our own committee of medical technologist representatives for that purpose. HSPBA's participation in this regard is strictly on a without prejudice basis to the legal and policy grievance proceedings above.

HSA Membership Services Coordinators Kathy McLennan and Sheila Vataiki will serve as co-leads during these negotiations, joined by Senior Labour Relations Officers Dani Demetlika, Ernie Hilland and Sharon Geoghegan.

The Union's Section 54 negotiating committee includes the following HSA Medical Technologist Stewards:

  • Dot Schierling (Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre)
  • Lisa Green (Burnaby Hospital)
  • John Bhullar (BC Children's & Women's Hospital)
  • Colleen Mulligan (Peace Arch Hospital)
  • Nasim Ali Akbarli (Royal Columbian Hospital)
  • Jackie Jankovic (St. Paul's Hospital)
  • Irene Lee (Surrey Memorial Hospital)
  • Margaret Luk (Vancouver General Hospital).


As we learn more and have more information to report, we will be posting updates here. Check back frequently.

Given the anticipated interest in PHSA's redesign, please direct your specific questions, comments, or information, to so that the appropriate HSA staff may respond as efficiently as possible.