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Staff profile: Alka Kundi, labour relations officer

December 1, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 Name: Alka Kundi. Nickname in high school: Well, my name is Alka, so the nicknames should be obvious. Alkaseltzer, Alcoholic and Alkatraz. In retrospect, I'm not sure if these were nicknames or if people were just making fun of me, but oh well. Job title and department: Labour Relations Officer, Servicing.

Ebola: members say we're still not ready

November 28, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By David Durning, HSA Senior OHS Officer Over the years, Canadian workers have fought for and gained important workplace health and safety rights. The diligent exercise of these rights is proven to be the most effective way of ensuring workplace hazards are controlled. These rights, enshrined in legislation and regulation, are:

Paperwork isn't pointless

November 27, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 Nu Lu was frustrated.

Taking RT to the streets

November 26, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 Professional recognition days, weeks and months come and go. Posters go up on bulletin boards, posts go up on social media sites. Maybe there’s cupcakes. It’s a great chance to educate and celebrate the work that makes our health care and community social service systems work, but it’s getting harder to break through the noise and distractions of modern life. That’s why a group of respiratory therapists decided to do something a little different for October’s RT Week.

A new home, with room to grow

November 26, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By Val Avery, President HSA's first office was a little place on Kingsway. As the number of members grew steadily, so did the need to find new space. We soon moved to an office on Hastings at Boundary, staying there until 1994, when we moved to Metrotown. Only a few years later, in 1998, we moved to the offices many of you know on Joyce Street. Now, it's time to move again.

Karim Kanji, radiation therapist

November 24, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By Laura Busheikin There's no doubt that having to take time off work due to an injury or illness brings a multitude of challenges. Aside from the medical demands, there are forms to fill out and anxiety around getting the proper benefits. There are often feelings of isolation. There is the uncertainty of not knowing when, how, or if you can return to work.

HSA VP takes leadership to Nelson city council

November 24, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By Carol Riviere, Communications Deep ties to her community and long-time union activism helped HSA vice-president Janice Morrison secure a spot on Nelson city council in the recent municipal election.

Benefits Q&A: Sorry, medical marijuana is not covered

November 24, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 by Dennis Blatchford, Pensions and Benefits Advocate I'm advised by Pacific Blue Cross that fertility drugs are not covered under the new 50 per cent cost share arrangement for non-PharmaCare formulary medications. Why are these drugs not covered?

Occupational health and safety needs you

November 24, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By David Durning, HSA Senior OHS Officer

Be skeptical of big, empty promises

October 1, 2014
THE REPORT, OCTOBER 2014 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT, HSA In early September, HSA learned that the BC Nurses' Union planned to execute a swift takeover of the Union of Psychiatric Nurses before moving on to actively raid HSA's registered psychiatric nurses. This means BCNU organizers will be approaching HSA members at work – and likely at home – and trying to get them to sign a BCNU membership card. Rest assured they will make big promises. I can't even speculate about the misleading tactics they'll employ.