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Towards a more engaged union

April 22, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 Val Avery, President, HSA We often find our greatest strength when confronted by adversity. As a physiotherapist, I have seen people discover incredible resources inside themselves, and use them to overcome great odds. And I think every one of us working with patients and clients have seen this time and again. People are tough and adaptable. Organizations can be too – if they listen to and engage the people they represent.

Marjan Szlivka, physiotherapist helping protect all professions

April 20, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN It's not my business. That's what Marjan Szlivka thought when she first heard that registered psychiatric nurses within HSA were being raided by BCNU. In her work as a physiotherapist at Eagle Ridge Hospital in Port Moody, Szlivka didn't work with RPNs, and their situation wasn't on her radar.

Speak up

April 19, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 In April 2015, at a workshop prior to HSA's last convention, Trina Nguyen heard something that startled her.

Stewards plan support for stewards

April 18, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 It's often said that stewards are the backbone of our union, and like any backbone, it works best with adequate support. As part of the 2020 Strategic Plan, and following dicussions at recent conventions, HSA stewards have been meeting to talk about the work they do, the challenges they face, and the resources they need to do their important work.

Tough new rules on fingerprinting

April 18, 2016

Fighting for members at the Supreme Court of Canada

April 18, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 A CANCER CLUSTER IS FOUND HSA members Katrina Hammer and Anne MacFarlane, and HEU member Patricia Schmidt, all worked in the laboratory at Mission Memorial Hospital. All three contracted breast cancer, and an investigation into the cancer identified there was a cancer cluster in the laboratory – where the incidence of breast cancer was eight times the rate of breast cancer in BC. THEIR CLAIMS ARE DENIED

Heroes in the workplace

April 6, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 BY DAVID DURNING, OHS OFFICER The Canadian Mental Health Association's annual Bottom Line Conference brings together workers, employers and researchers to find ways of improving mental health in Canadian workplaces. This year, HSA sponsored two members to attend the conference held recently in Vancouver.

lobby group raises women's issues

March 10, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 Report on B.C. Federation of Labour Lobby in Victoria March 7 and 8, 2016 BY ANNE DAVIS, DIRECTOR, REGION 1 The BC Federation of Labour's annual government lobby day was scheduled for International Women's Day this year. So it was decided that it should be carried out by the Women's Rights Committee.

There for others

December 7, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 When laboratory technologist John Bhullar was first asked to consider taking over the work of a retired steward, he thought he wasn't up for the job.

A focus on stewards

December 7, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT, HSA For most members, their first contact with our union is through a steward.